Vocal PA

Vocal PA
Hire Price: $275
/ day (inc GST)
2 Days or More Hire Price:$220 (inc GST)

Suitable for use by a band/soloist/duo with minimal instrument reinforcement requirements. Easy to transport, fast to set up, and able to be used without a sound engineer.

  • 1 x Allen & Heath Mix Wiz 16:3 Mixing Desk (or suitable alternative)
  • 3 x dB Opera 405 Active 15in Speakers
  • 3 x Shure SM58 Microphones
  • 1 x AR133 DI
  • 5 x XLR – XLR Microphone Cables
  • 3 x K&M Boom Microphone Stands
  • 2 x K&M Speaker Stands
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