DJ Equipment hire Perth

Drop the beat with DJ gear hire from DC Productions

Dream Catcha Productions offers a range of DJ equipment and gear for hire throughout Perth. We service the entire state and have sent equipment and crew as far north as Port Hedland, east to Kalgoorlie and South to Albany and many towns and sites in between. Our wide selection includes turntables, decks, mixers and accessories that will give your music that clear and sharp sound.

The success of your party, function or wedding is not dependant on décor or the canapés that you serve; the thing that can make or break that party atmosphere is the DJ, the system he uses, and his choice of music.

If you want to be the disc jockey who has people ripping it up on the dance floor, then contact Dream Catcha Productions. Our range of lighting and sound packages adds life to any function, and will guarantee that no one is sitting around looking at their phones, waiting to go home.

Ensure the entertainment at your party or gig is up to scratch with professional DJ equipment for hire or purchase from your local audio specialists. We can’t guarantee the competence of the DJ, but can make sure that the DJ gear you hire from Dream Catcha Productions is second to none.

CD/MP3 Players

Ideally suited to just about any kind of mid-sized function or concert, we offer a variety of DJ CD players and MP3 CD players, which are equipped with features that allow you to beat-match, fade music and integrate songs. An exciting product that has opened the door to providing legendary concert and party music, with ease and convenience.


Change the level, timbre and timing with a professional DJ mixer for hire. The right mixer console can be used inside and outside the studio, and be programmed to control digital and analogue signals to ultimately produce one sound. Different mixers offer different recording and outputs.


Perfect your music-making skills with our range of DJ decks for hire. Our products offer the latest in controllers, beat detection and equalising. Take your skill to the next level and control the hype with these vibration resistant, pitch adjustment DJ turntables of awesome.


DJ turntables are fundamental to any disc jockey setup. Take our tables for a spin and see why musos and production teams across the city prefer our products.

For DJ equipment hire in Perth, look no further than the professionals at DC Productions. Contact us today for more information!