HK ConTour 118

HK ConTour 118




High-performance subwoofer

The CT 118 Sub is a direct-radiating subwoofer designed for use in two-way active sound reinforcement systems.

It was developed specifically for deployment in combination with the CT 108, CT 112 and CT 115 model enclosures of the HK AUDIO ConTour Series™.

This subwoofer is the perfect choice for sound reinforcement challenges demanding high SPL and natural-sounding bass response from an enclosure with a small footprint.

The CT 118 Sub can be retrofitted with a passive crossover equipped with true low-pass and high-pass filters for configuring basic satellite systems without having to resort to extra power amps or active crossovers.

For the best audio results, we recommend operating this enclosure with the HK AUDIO DSM 2060 Controller or HK AUDIO Digital Field Controller (DFC) in combination with a DFC network.

The subwoofer shall be capable of producing a sound pressure level of 100 dB on axis at a distance of 1 meter with a power input of 1 watt (half-space conditions), and a max SPL of 131 dB at 10% THD, also in half-space. Nominal power handling capacity is 1,000 watts RMS at 8 Ohms impedance .

Connectors: 2x Neutrik NL 4 Speakon®

Dimensions (W x H x D): 50 cm x 60 cm x 68 cm

Weight: 42,5 kg

Accessories: Dolly with butterfly latches and 100-mm castors, protective cover, passive crossover with Satellite Out for CT108, CT112, and CT115 enclosures