DC Productions gets Second Article, Courtesy ProAudio

DC Productions gets Second Article, Courtesy ProAudio

DC Productions was once again featured on the online audio magazine ProAudio Central on the 16th of September, as a follow up of their initial article earlier this month ( for more information, click here).  Mr Jeremy Harris, co owner of DC Productions, speaks about the debut of the new Adamson Spektrix System, and we get to see it in action at the Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival. Check it out!

DC Productions takes Adamson and HK to Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival

Published: 16 Sep 2014


AUSTRALIA: Following its purchase of an Adamson SpekTrix line array system, Perth-based rental company Dream Catcha (DC) Productions recently deployed the rig for the Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival, a two day event taking place in the Western Australian mining town of Tom Price. The festival saw the rig used alongside the company’s existing HK Audio stock for a broad range of artists including electro-house trio The Potbelleez, country pop artist Shannon Noll and rock band The Wolfe Brothers.

‘All these artists are very different from one other with each of their FOH technicians asking for something different from the rig,’ explained DC’s Jeremy Harris. ‘You had a country act, a contemporary rock act and a dance act so the system needed to be able to deliver higher SPL in the bottom end for the Potbelleez but a more rigid mid-to-top end for that country twang and an overall full presence for Shannon.

‘The Adamson system enabled us to deliver what each technician wanted with so much head room it was amazing.’

Front of house was delivered at the concert by eight SpekTrix tops per-side in a left-right configuration with four per-side SpekTrix double 18-inch subs for low-end extension. In addition, three HK Audio Contour Array CT-208 tops per-side were flown in a left-right configuration to provide in-fill. This was bolstered by eight HK CT-118 single subs grouped in four blocks and evenly spread in a sub array pattern across the front of the stage to achieve a complete even coverage of top-, mid- and low-end.

The system was powered by MC2 E45 and E100 amplifiers utilising both DSM2060 and XTA processing. At front of house, meanwhile, was a
an Avid Profile console with a Behringer X32 in reserve.

On-stage sound was delivered via 14 HK Audio CT-115 passive 15-inch speakers, two of which were coupled with two CT-118 subs to provide ample drum fill. An additional two CTA-218 active double 18-inch subs and two HK Audio CT-115s were used to bolster the bottom end in the provided left-right side-fill. Sennheiser G3 IEM were also present, while an X32 was used for monitor mixing. Microphones comprised Sennheiser and Shure vocal and instrument models including Shure wireless – representing another new acquisition for DC Productions.

According to Mr Harris, the Adamson system won plaudits at the event. ‘At the end of the show on day one, Shannon Noll’s tech, Anatole Day, came over to us, endorsed the rig and our company. It’s nice to receive that kind of feedback. The biggest problem we had with the Adamson on both nights was resisting the urge to really fire her up and get her pumping but as we were restricted to 97db at front of house, we had to behave ourselves.’

With the system having made its debut, Mr Harris is expecting it to be in constant use over the coming months. ‘We’re gearing up for a big summer with multiple councils, agents and promoters engaging our services to provide production for outdoor concerts,’ he enthused. ‘We’re really looking forward to this year’s Mundaring Weir Summer Series, where we plan to bring out the Adamson. Many of Australia’s iconic artists perform here and they have some pretty knowledgeable technicians running their production. To be able to offer them a state-of-the-art rig is really going to assist them in providing a total concert experience. We’ll also continue to service our growing regional mining company clients with big plans a foot for some pretty exciting shows in 2015.’

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