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Music To Open Your Mind 2016

Using Music To Fight The Stimga Surrounding Mental Health Issues. Learn More By Visiting the Official Facebook Page Official MtOYM Website The 10th annual “Music to Open Your Mind” (MtOYM) family festival is on Sunday, 20 March 2016. Music is chosen as a theme due to its capacity to attract...

Older DCP equipment up for grabs on eBay!

As time goes on we find that some of our once loved gear doesn't go on the road as much as it used to. With a changing industry we have found that much of our outboard analog equipment has become almost redundant in the place of all in one digital mixing consoles.Why not check out our eBay page...

Events that did not go as planned

Event planning is not easy. There are so many variables that can go wrong that you’re never quite on top of things, no matter how organised you are. Throw thousands of attendees into the mix, and these events are often a disaster waiting to happen. Unfortunately accidents/mistakes do...

The Beginner’s Guide to becoming a DJ

Being a DJ is a lot more than queuing up a great playlist. While you might think you have great taste in music, cracking into the industry is very difficult, because everyone and their dog wants to be a DJ.If you ask any successful DJ (and they are as rare as hen’s teeth), they’ll tell you...

DC Productions gets Second Article, Courtesy ProAudio

DC Productions was once again featured on the online audio magazine ProAudio Central on the 16th of September, as a follow up of their initial article earlier this month ( for more information, click here).  Mr Jeremy Harris, co owner of DC Productions, speaks about the debut of the new Adamson...

DC Productions Promoted by ProAudio Central

DC Productions was featured on the online audio magazine ProAudio Central on the 3rd of September, 2014. In this great article, DC Productions' co-owner Mr Jeremy Harris got to tell the world a little bit about DC's newest investment - a fantastic new Adamson Spektrix System - and highlight some of...

DCP is branching out!

Dream Catcha Productions is exploring more ways of connecting with our clients. We now have, in addition to our website, a facebook page, a youtube channel, a twitter account, and a google+ page all set up to help better our service.Our new youtube channel will be slowly building up an archive...

Welcome to our New Website!

Dream Catcha Productions is proud to announce the activation of our brand new website.With a new and improved look, updated product selection, and an easy to follow access toolbar, we at DC Productions are looking forward to improving our image and helping our clients achieve an easy and...